im so proud of

The I’m So Proud Of ™ kit will benefit your children or grandchildren for a lifetime by building confidence and motivation through your written praise.

I’m So Proud Of ™ was created by a mom and will:

Help motivate children.
Build their confidence.
Encourages children to always do their best.
Create a stronger bond between adults and children.
Provide a written documentation of accomplishments.
Show children that the little things they do are appreciated.
Create a treasure trove of positive and inspirational comments.

All children want and need positive attention, and with I’m So Proud Of™ your child or grandchild will always have written proof that they are appreciated by you and that you notice the little things they do.


Kids love the colorful pictures and motivational sayings and adults will love the response they will get from kids and the high quality materials used for both the book and the notepads.

The book contains over 40 motivational sayings on the front and back covers and imprinted on all the inside pages is the phrase, “I am the best” so the child is constantly reminded just how wonderful they are.

I’m So Proud Of ™ is something that will build a stronger bond between you and the child and provide an additional resource for you to help the child be the best that he/she can be.

For less than the price of a cheap meal for two, you can give your kid(s) positive and inspirational messages that will last a lifetime.

Some of the motivational sayings in the book include:

  • I Love My Parents!
  • No Matter How Strong I Get, I Will Never Be a Bully!
  • I Will Never Tell Lies!
  • Kids Rule!
  • I will Not Cheat!
  • I Will NEVER Give In To Peer Pressure!
  • School is Cool!
  • I Am Special!
  • I Will Never Steal!
  • I Am Going To Succeed!
  • I Am Appreciated!
  • Kids Are The Greatest!
  • I Am Loved!
  • I Will Make a Positive Difference in This World!
  • I Won’t Always Win, But I Will Always Try My Best!
  • Life Is a Gift—I Will Unwrap It Each Day!
  • I Will Always Say Please and Thank you!
  • I Can Overcome Any Obstacle!
  • I Am Blessed!
  • I Will Always Protect Those Smaller Than Me!
  • I Will Never Stop Learning!
  • And Many More…


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