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What makes Common Core so exciting?

If you are like many educators, parents, and the general public, you have heard the term common core quite often lately. People may be upset that they don’t know what it is or how it affects them. Others are excited about it as they know the value it holds.

The underlying factor that makes common core so exciting is that it offers the same standards across the board. The 7th graders going to school in California will be learning the same principles and curriculum as the 7th graders in New York!

Many worry that this will lead to the Federal government being in charge of the education system. However, that isn’t the goal at all. There aren’t steps being taken to Nationalize the education system in public schools.

Parents, educators, and the general public have been involved in developing the common core curriculum, not the Federal government. Each state will get to decide if they are going to adopt the standards or not. Almost all of them are seeing it as a favorable way to make sure students learn what they need to in order to do well in society after graduation.

They also believe that it will make the school learning environment more appealing. As a result, it could reduce behavior problems, students that are bored, and it could reduce dropout rates which are all very encouraging outcomes if the core curriculum does well.

The standards that are part of the common core curriculum are well designed. They are created in order to prepare all students for success as they advance from one grade level to the next. The program is designed to include real life skills that are at the foundation of performing tasks including work as an adult.

The core curriculum is also going to help even the playing field when it comes to the application process for colleges. Students have the same opportunities to do well in college too because they have been exposed to the same learning information during their time in the public school education system.

This is important because some people worry that the common core is going to reduce the quality of what students learn in public schools. The opposite though is what is really going to take place. The best practices will be kept while what hasn’t been successful will be removed. Those elements will be replaced with better learning options and opportunities.

Part of the agreements in place for accepting the common core is that no state involved that accepts it will lower their standards. This means that the best practices from public schools around the United States will be brought together.

With so many college students right now struggling to get through the programs, it does indicate that there is a huge gap between what is being taught in many public schools and what students need to know to do well in college. It is hopeful that the common core will help to bridge students into college instead of them being in unfamiliar territory.

There is no mandatory acceptance of the common core curriculum. The fact that almost all states have done so though is very encouraging. It helps to provide a united effort for admin, educators, parents, and teachers.

Those that oppose the common core though feel that it doesn’t prepare students for an upscale type of education at a four year college. They feel it won’t prepare them for the STEM careers. This can be worrisome for some parents that feel that their kid may not get into a good college program because they didn’t learn calculus in high school.

Keep in mind that all schools still have the option of offering advanced classes for students that test very well within the core curriculum. The program isn’t going to hold them back and allow them to get bored. For example, advanced students in math can go to a separate class and learn advanced math while other students learn what is in the common core.

The International expectations of students are also a part of the common core program. Many experts have long stated that our students in the USA fall far behind students in some other countries. With the global use of the World Wide Web for business and education, students need to leave high school with the ability to compete on an International level. It is hopeful that the common core will give them a firm foundation for that to occur.

Some will argue that the common core doesn’t offer enough, but others will argue that it is a good starting point. It should be viewed as the building blocks for the future of public education to continue with moving it the right direction. Changes can’t occur overnight, but this is definitely doing more than just spinning wheels or pointing figures. That type of behavior has gone on far too long in the public school systems.



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