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Why is Common Core so Popular?

This is why the common core is so popular right now. Standards are being developed so that students can do well in college as well as in their careers. It is anticipated such changes in the public school system will help to improve the contribution that future generations can make to society as a whole.

Both educators and parents will know what they can do in order to help students learn. They will also be on the same page when it comes to what students should be learning. Parents can also help prepare their children for the upcoming school year by working with them on the known concepts for the next grade during summer break.

With the consistency in place, students no longer suffer from a poor education due to where they live. Since no state will lower their standards, students that live in the regions will better programs will still continue to get a quality education. However, it will also be spreading around the USA too and that will increase the learning benefits to all students out there nationwide.

The curriculum includes content as well as application. This allows the knowledge that students gain to be applied with high order skills in place. It allows them to build upon a foundation that was created in the lower grades of their public school education.

Common core is both evidence and performance based. This isn’t just another idea to toss around. It is a tried and true method that has been constructed from evaluating the benefits of great public school programs and also the pitfalls of those that had plenty of shortcomings.

While common core is USA based, it is believed that it can be a global benefit as well. Students with a solid foundation of learning are able to use those skills and abilities to help on a global scale. The volume of technology in place today means that global business and worldwide economy are very intertwined. Much more so than they have ever been in the past. That growth is projected to continue into the future too.

It is believed that the common core is a very realistic way for public education schools to operate. It has already been quite effective in the classroom based on the pilot programs. Not only were students feeling motivated to learn, but educators reported feeling less stress about coming up with lesson plans.

Students in these pilot programs also did very well on standardized tests. This was conducted to see what the level of learning was during the timeframe of the pilot program. The students were given the same test at the start of the pilot program as they were at the end of it. This allowed the test results to show the gains of each student during that period of time.

The common core public school curriculum has been accepted by the following:

• 4 Territories
• 45 States
• Department of Defense Education Activity
• District of Columbia

The 5 states that have not yet decided to accept the Common Core State Standards are:

• Alaska
• Minnesota
• Nebraska
• Texas
• Virginia

Many people in society feel that students don’t have an equal chance when it comes to being ready for the workforce or for college. The design of the common core is to make sure that students all have the same background and foundation to work from. It doesn’t matter where they lived or where they went to school. The program is also going to make it easier for children that move due to their family situation, changes in family work, or even military families to be able to stay in sync with their education.

The biggest areas that will be aligned within the common core are math and English. The standards that are in place for them helps to keep students on track for each grade level. This is important because before you had some students learning algebra in middle school and for others it wasn’t until high school.

The same was true with the English standards. In some middle school curriculums, students were reading classics and writing papers with citations and resources. In other programs, such elements of the curriculum weren’t introduced until the last couple of years of high school.

So why have some states selected NOT to be part of the common core curriculum? There is plenty of speculation about that! However, what is known is that most of them barely didn’t accept it. For example, in Texas, the vote was 140 for it and 2 against it. They don’t go with the majority rules for the Texas House of Representatives.

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