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The fact that the common core curriculum has been accepted by all but 5 states is very encouraging. This isn’t a program that was Federally created, it was the collaborated effort of admin, educators, parents, students, and concerned citizens. Creating a program that allows all students in public schools an equal opportunity to learn makes sense.

The standards for each subject in each grade level are very high. Parents don’t have to worry that their children aren’t going to have the skills and knowledge that they need. In fact, the very opposite is true. So many parents feel that they have let their children down because they can’t afford private school. They worry that the public school they are in isn’t offering them enough.

For children that move, the core curriculum means that they can jump right back into their education in the new location and not be too far behind or ahead. The same standards will be used across the board for each grade so it doesn’t matter where they attend.

Measuring the success with the common core gets easier too because the same standard testing can be used for each grade level. This will help to justify the program and to verify students are being taught what they should. Since the standards are designed to ensure students graduate with skills they can use in the world for work and college, it is very comforting and reassuring.

Too many children have been falling through the cracks in public school systems. The common core is designed to prevent that from happening. Educators can still create their lesson plans and teach the way they desire. They just have to make sure they are covering particular standards for each subject.

The standards are very clear and they are consistent. They will change over time too as the expectations in society and in colleges continue to increase. The foundation of what the children learn in each grade will be built upon for the next higher level of education.

With the common core, states that take part in it will be able to share information. They will be able to ensure students get the learning environment they need to be successful in the future. The two biggest areas of changes will be to math and English. Consistently exposing children to materials that are on track and that they can apply is important.
Parents can have a bigger role in the education system and in the learning of their children when the common core is in place. While not all may be initially sold on the idea, the more they learn about it the better they like it. Parents are encouraged to spend time in the classroom and to be involved in what their kids are really taking away from the classroom that they can apply in real life situations.

As the needs of the students move forward, the common core will also be moving forward. As a result, students won’t outgrow it and it won’t stop helping them to get the education they need to be successful later in life either.

Common core has become increasingly popular because it is no secret there are problems within the public school systems. There is a lack of equality across the board in terms of what students learn. With this new concept, everyone has the same opportunities.

Teachers are embracing it as they really do want to see students succeed. They are tired of taking the blame when there are low test scores. They have argued for quite some time that they don’t have the same resources as other educators and public schools. Finally, people are listening.

Parents enjoy common core because they want to see their children grow up and to be self-sufficient in society. Graduating high school and lacking skills for a job, for a college education to be possible, and to have a happy life isn’t what they want to see occur for their children.

With common core will come huge changes in the classroom for many students, their teachers, and of course parents. However, it is also going to be changes that are positive and that get results. Many will tell you that this is the way that public education should have been from the very start.

The evaluations in house and with standardized test scores are going to really hold lots of weight when it comes to seeing the true value of the common core curriculum. Some are impatient to see those results, but they will materialize in time. In a poll taken in early 2013, 80% of the parents support the common core curriculum.

Remember, none of the states that agreed to implement the common core had to lower their standards. If anything, there are states out there that had to increase theirs. It means no child gets left behind or is a victim of a poor education due to where they happen to live. The benefits from the common care are quite encouraging when you look at the big picture!

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