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Be Prepared for Changes in the Classroom

In order for the common core to really work, everyone has to be prepared for it. A positive attitude and knowing what it does and doesn’t offer is important. Many public schools are holding meetings and forums that offer this information. They invite parents and the community to come learn what it is all about.


Administrators need to guide the path for their educators when it comes to the common core. They need to work with teachers to make sure they have the tools and resources in the classroom to teach what the common core indicates that they need to. They also need to reassure educators that they will have help should they need it.

Administrators need to ensure that they don’t have staff that aren’t willing to embrace it. The common core program will only work if everyone is on board. If you have a handful of teachers that resist it, then problems are going to develop.


As more educators take to the common core curriculum, they see the value it offers. They feel it helps them to teach as a unit rather than as an individual. They can also eliminate the frustration of students coming to them from the previous grade and not being ready to learn what they are going to teach.

Educators find that the common core helps to increase the standards of what students are learning. Teachers certainly aren’t in this career for the money. They have a sincere desire to help students to do their very best. They will find that students have the building blocks they need to be successful and to be confident as they move into the next grade.

Some educators though feel that the common core curriculum steps on their toes. They worry that their freedom to be creative and to teach in a manner that fits their personality is being taken away from them. This isn’t true at all though. They can still teach the way they would like to but they do need to make sure they are covering all of the standards that the common core includes.


Many parents find what their kids are learning is over their heads. They can’t help with math homework because they don’t remember how to do those formulas or equations. The common core can help parents to get back into the loop. They will know what to expect with each grade level.

That is important as too many parents feel that they can’t do enough to help their kids get a wonderful education. Parents that don’t live in regions with the best public schools often feel that they have failed their kids. They are angry and disappointed that they aren’t going to get the same level of education.

Now they can experience peace of mind that it will no longer be a barrier in the path of the future for their child. With the 15% above level standards for advanced students, they also don’t have to worry that a child with advanced skills in given subjects will be held behind to stay with everyone else.

Even those schools that don’t have enough teachers to offer a higher English or math class can offer solutions. For example, online learning with a computer or an iPad. With the standards being the same, schools can also pool resources so that it is possible to get these advanced students what they need without budget restraints.


School can create anxiety for students that feel like they are behind. The common core helps to eliminate that should a student change schools. It won’t matter if they move across town or across the USA. They will be able to stay current with the curriculum for that grade level.

Students will also enjoy the fact that they get the same opportunities for a quality education no matter where they live. Being well prepared for college and for the workforce are very important things. Very young students may not be thinking about that future yet but it will be there before they know it.

Students that go out into the real world lacking skills may struggle to make ends meet. They may find that they don’t do well in college and drop out. That can really hinder their self-esteem. It can also put them on a path of dead end jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck.

When students enjoy school, they will do better. They will pay attention and they will be willing to learn. They will also do better on standardized tests which is important. It shows that they are learning, that they have made growth within a calendar school year, and it will help them to create the future they want.

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