Parenting Guide to Drug AbuseAs a parent, you want the best for your kids. That is the reason why when drugs are involved, you should be very careful in discussing everything about drugs, especially the risks associated with them.

No parent, family or child is immune to the effects of a drug. Several kids may end up in trouble even if they are the best and have made efforts to avoid drugs. In fact, even some who were provided with proper guidance from their parents end up abusing drugs for various reasons.

There are also particular groups of kids that may be more likely to use drugs compared to others. Kids who have friends who use drugs tend to try drugs too. So, it is important to know your kid’s friends and parents as well.

Always be involved with your kids’ lives. If the school of your child is running an anti-drug program, you should get involved. This will give you some knowledge, which you can use when talking to your children about the risks of drugs.

Parents are role models for children to the point that they greatly influence their child’s behavior and other aspects of their lives. Find some time to talk to your children about drugs. In this book, you will learn the different ways you can explain everything about drugs and be connected with your children’s lives.

Drugs are chemicals, which can change the way bodies work. If you have ever been sick and took medicine, you already have an idea about the different types of drugs. Medicine is a drug that doctors provide to those who are sick. But, did you know that even medicines can be dangerous if they are not taken carefully. There are some kinds of drugs that are dangerous all the time. These are not given by physicians or doctors. Cigarettes and alcohol are included in these kinds of drugs. Even if people can purchase these legally at stores, they can be dangerous. Illegal drugs are harmful and these may include marijuana, LSD, heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine.

A talk about drugs is said to be one of the best ways for you, as a parent, to educate and guide your children away from drugs. Even if you have a busy schedule, don’t take drugs for granted as you might end up facing a complicated situation that you might regret for the rest of your life. Though your schedule is hectic, you will always have your spare time. Instead of doing other activities at home, why not sit and talk to your children about their daily activities and let them know about the risks of taking drugs?

There are several dangers in not having a drug talk. One of them is that your kids might seek for answers with their friends who are already using drugs. In this scenario, your kids could also end up using drugs, which might ruin their future or worst – their lives. Since they don’t have any clue about drugs and some of their friends said that they should try it once to know the effects, they might abuse the drug and get addicted to the substance.

Most children are curious about almost everything, even drugs. More often than not, there are instances that kids try using drugs to test if they are really bad and if they really can ruin their lives. If they don’t see anything negative about drugs, they continue use until they end up abusing these drugs which will be dangerous in the long run.

There are other dangers of not having a drug talk. If you want your kids to stay on the right path, do not waste your time and immediately start talking with them about drugs because nothing is more important than your child’s safety!

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Eliminate Distractions

Eliminate DistractionsDistractions are all around us. Most of us have our phones, which are our lifelines to the time-sucking (but addictive) websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email. Besides these techno-distractions, we also have our spouse, vying for our attention, our children, our extended family members, all who want a piece of our time, plus our friends want to see us once in a while. Add to all that the 40-50 hours per week that you spend at work and it is easy to see why we don’t have time to achieve our goals – or at least why we think we don’t have the time. So, how do you solve these problems?

Start With Your Schedule

You might already have a schedule, but it is likely that you don’t include most of what you do during the day on it. For example, you might know that you have to be up at 6am to make breakfast and get the kids off to school, and be to work by 8am, but what I want you to do is make a schedule for literally everything that you do. You have a lot of people vying for your attention and time, but if you schedule the time for them, you will find that you have plenty of space to achieve your goals.

Let’s go back to Robert and his goals.

Robert somehow needs to find time to run a mile a few times a week, work out at the gym and watch what he eats. Robert is a typical American, as many of the people reading this book are bound to be, and has a wife, children, friends, a full-time job and other obligations. But Robert simply needs to move some things around to make time for his goals. This isn’t always easy, but it is achievable.

For example, since Robert works Monday – Friday, he could run on Wednesday evenings, and then on Saturday and Sunday. That should allow him to be able to shave off that 40 seconds that he needs to achieve his weekly goal by the end of the week. Robert also needs to cut down on his calories, or burn more through exercise. All Robert has to do is cut down on his food intake by about 625 calories a day, which is as simple as eliminating one Big Mac & small fries from his diet, or trading in that morning White Chocolate Mocha Latte for a cup of black coffee instead. As for the gym, Robert needs about 45 minutes, three times a week, to achieve his goal. So, if he can find 45 minutes on Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings to work out for 45 minutes (even better if he has a home gym) and run a mile on Wednesday evenings and sometime on Saturday and Sunday, Robert will be able to achieve his goal.

You also can achieve your goal by doing the same thing. Figure out how much time you need to devote to your goals and make time for them. Squeeze them in however you can, but make them a priority. Then, I’ll explain how to eliminate the distractions of Facebook, Twitter, kids, friends and other obligations to make sure that you achieve your weekly goals.

Making Your Goal Time a Priority

If you know that if you don’t pay that traffic ticket by the end of this week, the fine will double; you will probably find the time to pay it, won’t you? Even if you have to go down to the courthouse and stand in line for two hours to pay the ticket, you would still find the time to pay it somehow. Your goals should be even a higher priority. While you may not always be able to work on them at the same time every day or week, they must be completed. Say it with me: They must be completed.

I suggest making a weekly checklist of what you need to do to achieve that week’s goals and hanging it somewhere where you’ll have to walk past it often, even if that means directly over the toilet in your bathroom. As you complete each item, check it off and make sure that everything is checked by the end of the week.

Eliminating Distractions

We’re going to take all of the time-sucking distractions and find out exactly how you can eliminate them from your goal time. Remember, your goal time is sacred. The check list must be completed, and that means that distractions are not allowed during goal time.

Facebook, Twitter & Social Media: This one is easy. Don’t bring your phone to goal time. You can use it whenever you aren’t working on your goals, but during goals time, your phone is not allowed. Neither is your tablet or matches and kindling (in case you want to tweet smoke signals). Nothing is allowed to interfere with goal time. Period. Obviously, I’m not going to add your computer and internet access to this list, because you may need it for whatever goal you are trying to achieve, but social media is not allowed during goal time (unless it is directly related to your goal). The only thing that you are allowed to do during goal time is complete what is on your checklist.

Kids/Spouse/Friends: Let everyone know that you are going to be doing X on Day Y and Z and that you cannot be bothered during that time. Lock the door if you have to, or complete the item on your checklist out of the house and away from everyone.

Other Obligations: You have church or charity board meetings? You have been asked to be a speaker at the Rotary Club? If it interferes with goal time then cancel it. You need to make sure that you make goal time and completing that weekly checklist one of your top priorities.

Prevent Childhood Obesity

How To Prevent Childhood Obesity

What Parents Can Do

Teach Kids To Eat Healthy And Why It’s Important

Remove Unhealthy Foods and Temptations From The Home

Set An Example By Living A Healthy Lifestyle That Includes Fitness and Nutrition

How To Prevent Childhood Obesity


Childhood Obesity In America 2014

 after school learning environment.There is frequently a catch in words ‘afterschool tasks’. One may conveniently| think that considering that these activities are after sxhool, they are not of much importance. However, one could not be more incorrect. Study recommends that youngsters pick up some of their essential abilities from after school programs. That is why youngsters which do not take part in any added
curricular tasks are typically sluggish and less vibrant.

The discovering environment that people fosters in after school activities must be as self-displined and as functional as that found in the school. This is especially true of educational after school programs. This is the best place to teach the child crucial capabilities like time-management and goal setting. Time-management is a crucial ability, however it is not attained easily.
Children need to feel the discipline that is should finish a task and the joy of completing the allotted work in a certain timespan.

Kids look for various points in an after school program. The discovering environment ought to be eye-catching, multicolored and informative. Use charts, images, signboards and illustrations to liven up a lesson. Additional resources (resources that are not quickly available in school) will make the courses interesting. For example, when educating a biology session, allow the child to use a microscope and see slides of germs. This will certainly contribute to his understanding as well as make him much more enthusiastic about his after school program.

Self-control is needed for after school tasks. For enjoyable or sport-based tasks, it is simple for youngsters to get out of line and wreck havoc. While kids should be permitted to have a good time, they should be cut from inappropriate behavior. The very best way to impose discipline is to lay down the policies at the eaely beginning. Let the children understand just what is undesirable, straight at the beginning.

Incentives are a fundamental part of any discovering process. The incentive could be a basic blessing or a token of appreciation. Motivate your youngsters to strive for higher points by rewarding their achievements. Holding competitions or sport activities where the kids can show their proficiency is a benefit in itself.

Kids could get burnt out quickly, especially when it come to an educational program. The main drive of an after school program is to repeat what has been educated in class and to permit the child to discover it swiftly. It is tough to ignite the youngster’s attention a second time, especially when the youngster is already tired of one dose of a similar session. It is best to
thwart dullness by utilizing creative strategies like an unscripted activity on any kind of topic, a quiz program or a slideshow.

After school activities are ending up being a lot more preferred day by day. Parents desire their kids gather more information. Children also have an insatiable pursuit for knowledge. In an after school learning environment, it is possible to pay individual focus and quench this thirst utilizing different efficient methods.

Homeschoolers recognize this quickly – finding out happens during all hrs and even on weekends. Homeschoolers never ever stop training, whether scholastic ideas or skills, and their children never ever lack chances to find out. However whay about those late-day hours when the general public institutions are closed? Have you considered opening your home to other families for an afterschool program?

If you are a homeschooler, then opportunities are you have worked with a variety of educational program and educator’s aides that present existing info in a myriad of methods. Educating from a public school textbook would be not a problem for you. You probably even have sources on hand to make discovering even more significant in ways that the general public college educators could not make the effort to do. This leaves you into an unique position to reinforce and develop the instructional capabilities of students around you. Exactly what a present you have to offer other students!

You also have a special chance to do 2 points when you establish this kind of afterschool homeschooling program. Initially, you can open up your the home of community pupils which need a little afterschool tutoring or responsibility help and whose parents are determined for academic remedies for their children, and second of all, you could ask for tutoring prices for your services to counter your homeschooling costs.

This is the most effective of both worlds for you as a homeschooler. If you resemble many homeschooling households, you might have made sacrifices to make sure that either you or your spouse could stay the home of handle the obligation for the education of your kids. You probably made this decision quite voluntarily, and rather happily. You recognized the personal incentives would certainly exceed the sacrifices. But there are certainly times when a little extra financial aid would certainly be a possession for you if you are like many various other homeschoolers.

In addition, by serving as a tutor for neighborhood youngsters, you have the possibility to influence them for the normality of a homeschooling family. The pupils and parents with which you work will have a firsthand explore your residence. This could develop connections and relationships beyond your home, and also accumulate the reputation of homeschooling in your community.

The worth of offering your time and solutions in this way can not be downplayed. Utilizing your special presents and abilities, in addition to your interest for education and discovering, this choice could just be the remedy you’ve been searching for to increase the vitality and validity of your  afterschool homeschooling abilities.

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Vision statement:
Our vision is to keep your child connected to the english language and bridge the gap between school and the outside with natural use and practice of the language.

Mission statement:
We are dedicated to the students of our program in their quest to acquire a second language. It is our intention to provide a learning environment conducive to the natural learning approach to an english speaker of another language (esl).

  • Encouragement and inspiration:
    • We devote ourselves to encourage and inspire our students to dedicate themselve to becoming life long learners of english.
  • Integrity:
    • We want to be your companion to your bilingual education.
  • Respect for diversity:
    • We understand the values and experiences that each individual brings into the learning process is a positive asset to our program.